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Born in Italy, but feels like a citizen of the world.
She began to sing as a little child and later to compose melodies and lyrics from the age of 14...

In the same years, in Tunisia, where she lived for a few years, she was featured in movies like "Une été à la Goulette" with famous actress Claudia Cardinale (1996),"Noces de Lune" by Taieb Louhichi (1997); she was also featured in an advertisements of a famous brand of soft drink that was aired during the period of Ramadan (1997) and in photo shoots for newspapers in the capital city (1997).

In the following years she changed several bands and musical genres, from Metal to Pop, Hard Rock and Blues to make music her own work.
Thanks to this she had the opportunity to play in several countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Tunisia, Morocco, Romania, Menorca, Italy and the United States of America.
Since 2015 she is Ambassador of the Swiss brand SCHERTLER (Audio systems, guitars etc.), from 2018 she is Artist for the German brand KLOTZ AIS(cables) and thanks to these positions, together with Diego Gianfardoni, she performed several times at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt (Germany) and at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles (USA).
On September 2016 she appears on RAI 2 (Italian TV) in the program "Detto Fatto", led by Caterina Balivo, in quality of lookalike ADELE, changing hairstyling thanks to Stefano Bonomi, she spoke of herself, sang some songs of the famous British singer and after the airing of the episode she had a great success on all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
After a year and a half from being aired, an excerpt of the episode was broadcasted, recalling the highlights and enhancing her singing qualities.

Currently she is both lead singer and manager/booking agent of many cover bands; She's an aspiring creator of events and loves to plan moments of human collectivity.
In May and October 2019 the singles "I Follow" and "Rock Me" were released everywhere on line, followed respectively by a video lyrics and an official video, conceived and directed by herself (at zero production costs!), with the collaboration of her colleague/arranger Davide Maiocchi and the presence in the video of some friends and family members, including her husband.
She writes songs for herself and collaborates with other artists, such as Les Flâneurs, with whom she writes and sings several songs (Dark Souls, On y va, Hold me) included in the album "A long season" released at the end of 2020 which received great national and international reviews.
From early 2020 she founded "STAND UP 4 ARTS" an artist collective that wants to support art in all its forms, organizing events, both for charity and general entertainment, addressing from very deep issues to pure entertainment, making people resocialize.
She created the following workshops:
-Workshop "Voce ed Alimentazione" (Voice & Feeding), to teach how much is important to take care of your voice everyday with foods, sports and more.
-"Inhale-Exhale" (Inspira-Espira) a course to combat stress, anxiety and panic attacks, learning diaphragmatic breathing, doing exercises to relax body, mind and more.
-Graduate from 'Carlo Secoli' Institute in Milan (Italy) and 'Institut des arts et de la mode' in Tunis (Tunisia), as a stylist and industrial and tailoring model maker, she set out to create "Workshop Express". Meetings to learn machine sewing, with various sewing notions, designed to be quick and easy, giving many women the opportunity to learn a new hobby and take back 'space' for themselves or work, with the possibility of creating economic independence.
Mental wellbeing, recreating connections between people and supporting all arts, are some of her life goals.
She continue writing songs, drawing inspiration from every nuance of one's life and looking for featurings...

-Open to collaborations and songwriting in English, French and Italian languages (check CONTACT page)-
ALWAYS curious and evolving...

"Alice is a passionate singer in whose veins the "soul" flows. Collaborating with her was pleasant and inspiring, a decisive presence and completely in love with music"

- Ale Marchetti, Producer, "Les Flâneurs"

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